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Top reasons to purchase a fixed indexed annuity:


I want to save for retirement, but I am not comfortable losing money and/or money is limited.
Flexible indexed annuities can be started as little as $100 per month.
Fixed indexed annuities offer guarantees safety of principal guaranteed   minimum return.

The power of the annual rest.  
ZERO IS MY HERO- an indexes annuity with an annual interest may earn 0% interest in a year, but never a negative amount. Because the annual reset, the index does not have to make-up value from a down year. The index’s year-end value becomes the next year-start value.

I want an income stream, regardless of how long I live.
Lifetime Income Riders  offer protection against outliving accumulative value.

I need to supplement my Social Security payments.
Currently Social Security benefits are only intended to provide for 40% of retirement income- future benefits may provide for less.

$3 trillion in retirement savings was wiped out by the stock market fall during first half of 2022. Our indexed annuity policy holders haven't lost a penny.

2. Assuming no withdrawals during the withdrawal charge period. Rider charges continue to be deducted regardless of whether interest is credited.
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